Competition 1 Details


1.Photo Editing/Manipulation Session (using GIMPShop): Duration: 1Hr
2. OpenOffice/ LibreOffice : Graphical Tools (2D, 3D Object creation): Duration: 1Hr
3. Web Application Coding using PHP, MySQL and Apache: Duration: 1 Hr

Total Duration: 3 Hrs.
Total Points: 30. Each topic will be graded in a 10-point scale.
Every participant has to submit their entries in digital format and printout is not required.
The highest average grade point secured will get the first prize.

Competition 2 Details

Programming questions will be given on the following topics
1. C/C++ programming
2. Shell Scripting
3. Socket Programming

Total Duration: 3 Hrs.

The following softwares have to be installed beforehand -

1. Operating Systems: Ubuntu 13.10 with latest repository update
2. LAMP Architecture: PHP5.5, APACHE2 and MySQL5.x
3. Devices: PC/ Laptop

For any queries regarding please send a mail at